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Congratulations! You have finished the theoretical and practical study of traditional Chinese medicine. You are now qualified to become a member of the Association of Naturotherapy in TCM and Association of Massotherapy in TCM. As a member, you will have a sense of professionalism and identification, but it can also help you with your  career and clinical practice.


The information of all graduates who have become members of the Association of Naturotherapy in TCM and Association of Massotherapy in TCM have been saved onto our database. You can find your membership information here in our database. You can use this as proof to send to your employer, as well as your patients. Please contact us if you need proof in written or printed form.


Please input your name, either first name or surname, then your detail information will be shown, including your membership number, your date of issue...etc. You can also input your date of issue in the format of 2008.08.08, or even your membership number, (if you remember), to check your detail membership data.


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