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Carelife Health Centre Clinic

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The Carelife Health Centre Inc. can be easily accessed by car or public transportation. 


The Carelife Health Centre Inc is situated three blocks north of Sherbrooke Street, and one block east of the Cavendish. Parking on the street is free.


Public Transportation:
You can reach The
Carelife Health Centre Inc. by taking one of the following STM buses:

51: Snowdon metro station
: Villa Maria metro station
102 and 104: Vendôme metro station

Office Hours
Monday to Friday: 10:00AM -- 10:00PM
Saturday and Sunday: 11:00AM -- 10:00PM

6425 Somerled Montreal,QC H4V 1S4
Tel: (438) 383-8881 (514) 369-8881

E-Mail: info@acnmmtc.com



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