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Our association was created in the year 2006 by a professional team of medical doctors and therapists. It is supported by the University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (U of TCM) of China and by numerous professionals. The professional team has put into place all the fundamentals tools that are needed to offer the best professional and competitive service. As a result, we opened our place to the public in 2006, offering rich and ancient knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).

We are not just a lucrative service. We are mostly interested in producing an interchange of expertise. Our goal is to introduce TCM and Chinese massage to Canada, as well as to educate its people in this respect. In exchange, we hope that our Canadian students and patients will help to spread the knowledge about our ancient cultural cures and techniques, and eventually to help Chinese medicine develop in many other countries.


Our association and its members are becoming a distinctive mark in Chinese medicine. We are now recognized by most insurance companies across Canada, except for Ontario. Our members are also covered by the Association`s insurance. Therefore, if something goes wrong with a client during or after a session, partial payments will be refunded to the massotherapists.

The education department trains our students in diagnosis techniques, Tuina treatments, and teach them to assist patients towards a healthier lifestyle. We aim to provide our patients with a continuous and unforgettable heartfelt service. We educate our students to become high level massotherapists with a professional, good-hearted attitude. Our rooms are available with reservation 7 days a week for our students to exchange practical and theoretical techniques.


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